New issue of Nordic Studies in Education

We are pleased to inform you that the latest issue of Nordic Studies in Education has just been published! Vol 43, No 4 includes the following five peer-reviewed articles:

Can I Join in? Understanding Children’s Participation in Play by Anne-Lene Sand (Designschool Kolding), Jens-Ole Jensen (VIA University College), Helle Marie Skovbjerg (Designschool Kolding) and Hanne Hede Jørgensen (VIA University College)

Teachers’ Knowledge of Students’ Learning Strategies: Recommendations and Evaluations by Mikk Granström, Eliis Härma, and Eve Kikas (all from Tallinn University)

Instant Video Blogging as a Tool for Students to Unveil Academic Emotions in Learning Situations by Anni Loukomies, Kalle Juuti and Jari Lavonen (all from University of Helsinki)

School Absence Seen from a School Perspective and a Parent Perspective by Klaus Nielsen and Mikael Thastum (both from Aarhus University)

Home-School Collaboration for Adolescents with Poor Wellbeing: A Qualitative Study of Parents’ Experiences by Jeanne Holm Ovesen, Charlotte Overgaard and Kirsten Schultz Petersen (all from Aalborg University)

You can enter the website of the journal by clicking here.


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