Reminder: Call for applications for the NERA-slot at the AERA’s Annual Meeting in April 2024 (Deadline June 1st, 2023)


Each year one NERA-network has the honor of representing NERA at the American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) annual conference. The 2024 AERA annual meeting will be held in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, April 11-14, Future Annual Meetings (

The deadline for applying for the symposium in the NERA slot is June 1st, 2023!

Applications must be submitted via the convener of the network and should be directed to President Michael Dal ( .

The procedure of submitting a proposal to the NERA board for a symposium at AERA is as follows:

  1. Networks must send in a proposal for arranging a symposium at AERA by the latest of June 1st.
  2. AERA’s application format for the symposium should be used. A symposium consists of papers focusing on a common theme to demonstrate a range of perspectives or a variety of approaches. There should be participation from a minimum of 3 Nordic countries in the proposal.
  3. The NERA board will draw a lot among the applicants and announce the result before June 25th.
  4. The selected network prepares the final application for the symposium and sends it to the president of NERA no later than September 1st.

The normal AERA review procedure does not apply to this symposium because the quality assurance has been done by the networks and the NERA board.

The symposium-convener shall, on behalf of the network forward a short report on the AERA presentation to the NERA Board no later than one month after the AERA congress.

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