Invitation to send in proposals to a special Issue of Nordic Studies in Education

Following the June 2023 HelsinkiNode symposium we hereby invite proposals for a special issue of Nordic Studies in Education focusing on Network Analysis Methods in Research on Teaching and Learning.

The special issue will collect high-quality papers based on research related in the Nordic countries on the topic of development and applying network analysis on research on teaching and learning.

Network analysis is a methodological approach that examines the relationships and connections between entities and studies the structures formed between those entities (Zweig, 2016). Several kinds of data used in educational research can be rendered in form networks from social interactions in classroom to conceptual or epistemic characteristics in texts.

Educational researchers have applied networks for over five decades (Saqr, Poquet, & López-Pernas, 2022) and recently application of network science on educational research has received increased interest in Nordic countries. The active research has, for example, applied social network analysis to characterizing active learning environments (Commeford, Brewe & Traxler, 2021), thematic network analysis to identify theoretical position in educational literature (Mariegaard, Dupont Seidelin & Bruun, 2022), concept network analysis to understand undergraduate life science students’ conceptions   about the role of photosynthesizing plants in the ecosystem (Södervik, Nousiainen & Koponen, 2021) and quantum semantic networks to analyse university students’ lexicons of photons (Koponen, Vuola, & Nousiainen, 2022).

However, such research activities are not yet very widely known in context of Nordic education research. Thus, there is need to bring Nordic research together and build awareness and expertise on network analysis methodologies: their theoretical and conceptual background as well as state of the art applications of network analysis. The special issue will build on the discussions started by the symposium on applying networks in the Nordic education research communities and to the practical and theoretical issues regarding network analysis in educational research.

We invite contributors from broad scope in the field of research on teaching and learning. Both theoretical and empirical research are welcome.

Manuscripts may be written in Scandinavian and English.


  • April 2023 call for papers
  • 30.10.2023 deadline for the paper submissions
  • 31.1.2034 Peer reviews
  • Spring 2024 Revisions
  • August 2024 Publication’Guest Editors:

Ismo Koponen, Miikka Turkkila, and Kalle Juuti

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