Changes within the NERA board

The NERA General Assembly was conducted Thursday June 2nd at the School of Education at the University of Iceland. According to the proposal from the election committee changes were made in the NERA board.

John Benedicto Krejsler from the University in Aarhus (DPU) stepped down as president and Michael Dal (former vice-president) from the University of Iceland took over the president John Benedicto Krejsler continues to be a board member. John has done an amazing job while he has been the president of NERA. During his presidency NERA underwent major changes which are the prerequisite for a successful continuation of NERA as an organization. Thank you for that, John, and we hope that the cooperation will continue!

Eva Hultin from The University Dalarna stepped down as board member. Joacim Andersson from the University of Malmø was elected to take over her seat in the board.

The NERA board wants to compliment Eva Hultin for her important and well-done job for NERA. She has among other things been the boards representative in EERA. Thank you so much for your work in NERA, Eva.

Maike Luimes from University of Kristania steps down as treasurer and Simona Bernotaite from The University of Oslo will take her seat.

Maike has now for quite many years been our trustworthy and hard working treasurer. The NERA board wants to thank her for a well done job during the years. Thank you, Maike!.

Also, Anette Olin was constitued as new vice-president.

Finally, the board welcomes Joacim Andersson as a new board member and Simona Bernotaite as a new treasurer.

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