Reframing Schooling – Experiencing and re- imagining spaces and places of learning

Date: 25th May

Time: 1630 – 1730

Location: Online Zoom seminar

Organisers: Scottish Attainment Challenge Project

Speakers: University of Edinburgh: Professor Do Coyle, Jonathan Hancock, Ramone Al Bishawi, University ofHighlands and Islands: Mark Lindley-Highfield

Who is this online seminar for:  Teachers, student teacher, probationers, school leaders, local authority staff, teacher educators, researchers and policy-makers

Seminar Overview

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This is the third seminar in a series drawing on the work of the Scottish Council of Deans of Education Scottish Attainment Challenge Project. 

 This seminar focuses on the social and natural spaces that young people occupy, how they are experienced and understood and how they can be imagined otherwise. The implications of the current framing of learning spaces and the possibilities of pupil-led alternative framings are explored. Education’s responsiveness to wider particularities of place is considered in relation to differences in conceptions of social and cultural capital and ‘escape narratives’ between rural and urban settings.

This relates to the project’s third focus area, Reframing schooling – In and of the world, which is concerned with the fostering of schooling that acknowledges and values the particular experience of children and young people living in SIMD 1-40 areas and the different communities and physical and natural environments that they are part of or can imagine and co-create.

The seminar will open out to discussion with attendees after two short inputs from the presenters.

The overall seminar series aims to engage with a wide audience on five focus areas emerging from the Project:

  1. Pedagogy in Practice – becoming a teacher
  2. Flourishing and Belonging – an ethic of care
  3. Reframing Schooling – in and of the world
  4. Social Justice – agency and respect
  5. Theory, policy, experience – creating professional space

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