Dear NERA members,

Due to the COVID-19 we have had to take the painful decision of postponing NERA2021 from March 2021 to November 3rd – 5th 2021.  The conference of 2021 is planned to be held at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). However, it now seems rather unrealistic for the university to host a physical on-site conference in March 2021. The NERA board has had meticulous negotiations with the conveners and the staff at SDU in order to find the best and most reasonable solution. The conclusion is that the most feasible option for having a conference in 2021 is postponing the conference to November 3rd – 5th. So, please, prepare yourselves for a wonderful on-site opportunity to meet again in November 2021, and consult the conference website:

We then expect to be able to convene an on-site conference, but in case COVID-19 still hovers by the end of 2021 (which we do not expect) we have agreed with SDU that they will organize a full digital conference with options to present papers in your networks. A consequence of this precaution is that the NERA 2022 conference in Iceland will be postponed until June or August 2022, in order to prevent, that the dates of the two conferences will be situated too close to each other. 

Nonetheless, the NERA General Assembly will according to the NERA Bylaws still take place online on March 2nd from 2 – 3 PM. We urge you to join this meeting and will keep you informed about the agenda and other details for joining on the NERA website.

Best wishes,

John Benedicto Krejsler (NERA- President) on behalf of the NERA Board.

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