Possible author-payment for publication in Nordic Studies in Education.

IMPORTANT announcement: Covid-19 related possibility of author-payment for publication in Nordic Studies in Education. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, NERA’s economy is dangerously strained and insecure. As part of a strategy to overcome this difficult period, authors that submit manuscripts to Nordic Studies in Education (NSE) may/ or may not have to pay a publication fee (Article Processing Charge, APC) of around 8 000 NOK for publication. Of course, we do everything we can to avoid this, but hope for your understanding that APC might be a solution to save the journal. In case NERA’s economic situation is acceptable by the end of 2021, the authors will not have to pay the APC. In case NERA stands with a big deficit, APC will be applied. 

We will keep you informed on NERA’s website as soon as we have more specific information. It is important for the NERA Board and the Editor-in-Chief to underline that our aim is to keep NSE an APC-free journal and that the possibility of having to pay APC for authors is a choice of last resort that will only be applied in case our economic situation forces us to do so.


John Benedicto Krejsler, Michael Dal & Herner Saeverot (President and Vice-President of NERA and Editor-in-chief of NSE) on behalf of the NERA Board.

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